It was an epic tale: a battle for the planet's survival.

The sprawling metropolis of
Midgar had become the
world's center. Mako, a
seemingly unlimited source
of energy, supplied power
to everyone. This energy
source was developed and
monopolized by an entity
known as the Shinra Electric
Power Company, which covered
the surface of the planet with
energy distribution facilities
called mako reactors. Shinra
had grown into a malevolent
industry with incontestable
economic power, as well as a tyrannical hand in politics.

Unknown to most, mako was
the source of all life on
the planet-the very lifeblood
pulsingthrough its veins. As
mako was pumped from deep
below the planet's surface,
the world slowly crept toward
its imminent demise.

Cloud Strife, a mercenary
formerly of Shinra's elite
SOLDIER unit, agreed to
cooperate with Avalanche,
an anti-Shinra group
established by Barret
Wallace. However, Cloud could never have known what awaited
him on his journey-his lost past and a cruel fate for the future.

Many gathered around
Cloud in this struggle. Tifa
Lockheart[Lockhart], Cloud's
childhood friend and a
master of martial arts.
Aerith Gainsborough, a girl
with the blood of the
Ancients running through
her veins, who Cloud would
remember forever. Red a
XIII, the last member of
race that lived alongside
the planet and protected
it with pride. Cait Sith,
a fortune-telling robot
whose true identity was Reeve Tuesti, a spy from Shinra.
Yuffie Kisaragi, a young ninja gathering materia to restore
her homeland to its former glory. Vincent Valentine, whose
body was twisted by a mad Shinra scientist and made to sleep
for 30 years. Cid Highwind, a renowned pilot destined to be
the world's first astronaut.

The hopes and dreams of this stalwart band came
together and escalated into a battle against Sephiroth,
a man intent on destroying the entire planet.

Sephiroth, once a member of
SOLDIER, was a legendary
warrior who also served
as Cloud's inspiration.
Created through Shinra's
Jenova Project, his power
greatly surpassed that of
any mere human. At one
time in history, he was
revered by all as a hero,
but on the fateful day
he discovered the secrets
behind his birth, he set the
town of Nibelheim ablaze
and disappeared without a
trace. As he vanished, he vowed to one day become ruler of the planet.

Several years later, he reappeared and initiated his
plan to summon a wayward star from the cosmos and
smash it into the surface of the planet using the
ultimate destructive magic: Meteor. Aerith learned of
the danger to the planet and prepared to use Holy, a
sacred magic of the Ancients, to stop Meteor. However,
she was felled by Sephiroth's blade.

Overcoming sorrow and despair, Cloud and his
companions finally managed to defeat Sephiroth, but
Meteor already hovered close above the planet's
surface. The land screamed in agony as cities were
slowly torn apart. In the midst of the chaos, Aerith's
dying prayers were finally answered and Holy rose
against the wicked magic. However, it was far too
late, and nothing could stop the awesome strength of
Meteor. At the moment when all seemed lost, the
Lifestream appeared and synchronized with Holy,
enveloping Meteor along with the entire planet...